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TrueGaines Productions was founded in 2016

by entrepreneur Isis Gaines.

Poised for success as a Parent Company, TrueGaines Productions inspires culture* and invests in gifting knowledge and facts to the community through media and entertainment projects.








*With a focus on collaborating with people creating media to positively influence the next generation of youth.  




Jamillah R. Gaines

Speaker, REI , Staffing, Event Planner, Retired Nurse 

This dynamic single mom has mastered many of life's obstacles. Over the past 25 years she has taught Real Estate Investing, organized over 3,000 events for corporations and non-profits, taught workshops and seminars nationwide as well as secured major sponsorships for the events.

In the past she has successfully organized large expo's, trade shows, beauty pageants, and professional photoshoots. 

Her talents extend far beyond staffing large events and managing martial arts schools, she has also appeared as a radio personality, served as a T.V. host, and actress all while becoming a happily retired nurse.

She currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of True Gaines Productions LLC.

J. Gaines also functions under the D.B.A. TheWholesaleDiva.

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