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Media Production

Audio/ Video

TrueGaines Productions was founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Isis Gaines, with one goal in mind: to provide continuous employment and correct pay wage opportunities for women, especially women of color in the entertainment industry.

Poised for success as a Parent Company, TrueGaines Productions inspires ADOS culture and invests in gifting knowledge and facts to our community through entertainment.


Relative Concept-to-Consumer Breakdown: 
Scripting (pre-production)
Either Zoom or in person discussions solidifying your project from idea to paper and/or computer file.

Budgeting (pre-production)
Full breakdown of all project expenses from start to finish.
Zoom or in-person consultations with client final approval needed before green-lighting. 
Casting (pre-production)
​Placing ads and casting calls on local sites and casting roles based on director approval.

Producing (pre-production)
Securing locations, crew and cast for set shoot dates.
Coordinating call sheets and scheduling craft services, logistics and 

Filming (production)
Full control on all sets with direction and guidance from crew.

Editing (post-production)

4 week minimum time span with weekly zooms on progress changes and/or edits. As well as feedback on certain aspects of editing in regards to color sound music etc.​

Social Media (post-production)
Cross promotion on all individuals involved with the project as well as featured spot on TGP home website.

Feedback (post-production)

Zoom or in person meeting discussing turnout and next project or collaboration.


With a focus on collaborating with people creating media to positively influence the minds of youth of color.  



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